Sea Sapphire Group offers custom interior packaging for each container we build.

Proper packaging protects your shipment during transit. Many claims and damages arise from improper packaging, and packaging errors may eliminate or reduce your carrier’s liability.

The packaging you select must be appropriate for your product. Use cartons, crates, cages or drums for protection. Wrapping (“shrouding”) your shipment with blankets or other cushioning material and/or securing it to a pallet is also effective.

Our services also include a consultative approach on your product’s packaging requirements. Our packing experts will work with you and your product’s specifications, and provide solutions for packaging options to ensure safe transport and delivery. Reduce your company’s shipping costs, damages and lost revenues by calling Sea Sapphire Group and asking about our custom packing options.

Shipments can be secured using stretch- or shrink-wrap, banding, spray adhesive, etc. Proper packaging will also help define the “cube” of your shipment, making it easier to load “tight.”

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