Land Freight by Truck

Europe-wide Coverage is our trademark advantage!

Our 20 terminal network, extensive and modern fleet of trucks and refrigerators and consistent rating as one of Iranian’s top for hire trucking carriers are just a few of the reasons our services are a great choice for your Europe (Turkey included) truckload requirements. Equipment types are extensive and our well-maintained fleet and award-winning drivers.

Logistics needs intelligent management operations so that goods are at the right place at the right time around the globe – whether this involves group-age freight operations or complete loads, standard dimensions or special consignments and regular or express services. We transport your shipment by truck from the any where to your destination using our widespread network. We are able to manage complex sourcing and distribution systems and provide the same passion and care for small and medium-sized enterprises as for major corporations.

Our special services include:

Full Truck Service from Europe – FTL

Full Truck Service from Turkey – FTL

Full Truck Service from Iran – FTL

Groupage Truck Service from Europe – LTL

Groupage Truck Service from Turkey – LTL

All in all we’re very proud of our quality and time-proven history and experience in providing the best flatbed services, offering equipment such as:
  • flatbeds and stretch trailers
  • single and double drop trailers, including stretch capability
  • curtain side and Conestoga trailers
  • 9, 10 & 11 axle lowboy, as well as beavertail trailers
  • fabrication capability to custom fit trailers for unique shipments
With specialized trucking service being one of our main specializations, our trucking company has this variety of specialized equipment and skilled drivers based in strategic locations:

France, Italy, Spain, Czech, Germany, Canada, Korea, China, UAE, Turkey, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore and India

Our vast network of suppliers and the skilled operations team, focus on safety and a high level of quality service as they customize a program to fit your unique needs.

Do you need to transport any kind of goods from A to B?

We’re here to help you, whatever the distance or the item!

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